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Question on Follow Ups!

Chick Fil A Application Guide
Chick Fil A Application Guide

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I'm actually curious to see how people got around this and landed the job. It would be a big help!


I am still fighting for a career and trying to get out of food service! I had my application, college transcripts, clearances, resume, certification, etc. posted on a huge on-line career website and saw more open job postings which I'm qualified for (Hallelujah!). I applied to several of them before their application deadlines and wanted to follow up to I can get my name out to Human Resource personnel. However, I got e-mails that asked me to not call the places that I applied for, asking if they have received my application. Huh?!


How do I politely get my name out without "hassling" employers and show that I am enthusiastic about wanting to take job? A classmate of mine who I recently ran into got a job at a place I applied for and said she got it by pestering them once a week. However, I got e-mails asking me not to do this. I really don't want to be stuck with a job that has me cleaning tables and makes decent pay. Thanks.

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Put on your daring shoes and get out there! ,(and most importantly NEVER GIVE UP!)


When it comes to job searching "PERSISTANCE = THE KEY TO SUCCES!!!"


I've been thru A LOT of job searching, and let my experience help you.


What i've learned is that there is an Equation that determines your job succes. Namely


The MORE personal your job request is, The MORE chance you have to get a job. (and vice versa)


You want to try to avoid Impersonal contact thru e-mails ,responding on-line to on-line websites,


Bad but still better is phonecalling, and phonecalling thru the means of newspaper advertisements.


Best is (eye to eye contact) call the company itself immediately, or just walk inside the company with the news advertisement (bring your cv with you) and personally deliver your cv to the company. Ask if its possible for you to have an interview. And arrange one on the spot.


The thing is that normally company staff is just way too busy to deal with anything else then the job they are currently doing, but if you are present in the company itself, they can have a look at you, have a talk with you, that creates a bond that a fricken e-mail can never establish, and its this personal contact that you want to have.


What also works is to goto a job agency, let them do the job searching for you. This is all out of first hand experience.


Tho maby you have a better idea, this was what worked for me, cheers.

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Yes, I have done all of that... but it doesn't answer my question.


The problem is that I am applying for jobs out of state they take a lot of gas money if I drive over to them. Interviews would be worthwhile... meeting them after driving for 3 hours+ and begging for an interview may not get me anywhere and I wasted time and gas. I have done that for a few school districts already and it has landed me nowhere. That's why I'm stuck doing online state sites for the job I'm going for. There's nothing local here that could help me pay my bills or live on my own (I live in a small town since my parents chose to retire here), so I'm forced to branch out accross the US. I'm almost considering military at this point, but i hear that military returning home are not finding any careers either!


I was asking what is the best way to follow up WITHOUT pissing a company off. E-mailing does no good and I follow up with other jobs over the phone, offer to meet with them, but they have been leading me to nothing. And when I try applying for other places they strictly say no phone call follow-ups. I've been doing this for over a year too!


It's getting tougher to find a job I'm qualified for.

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