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My future roommate just announced her friend is moving in, and we have to move!


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Ok, i was supposed to move in with my friend for next uni year into her 2-bed apartment. We agreed on how much i'd pay etc. Now, she's suddenly sprung it on me that her friend from back home has been accepted into our university (i've never met her nor had any idea she was even applying). Now i've been asked if i'd be ok to move into a 3-bed apartment.


I have no problem with the principle of moving into a 3-bed place, but i have a major worry. They have unlimited budgets and have this idea that most of the city is a crime hotspot (absolute rubbish!) so i think they're going to want to be paying top-end of rent. The whole idea of me moving in with my friend - apart from her company obviously - is that it was going to be a significant saving for me on what i paid on rent. I'm so worried i'm going to get ditched now because of my constraints - i don't have an unreasonable budget but not enough to afford something city-centre, full-price.

And no, there is no one else i can move in with because everyone signed their leases ages ago and i thought this was set-in-stone with my friend.


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splitting the cost of a 3bed place 3ways may work out no more expensive than splitting a 2 bed place 2 ways. Plus there'll be an extra person to chip in with bills etc.


Do a bit of research into rent costs in the nicer areas so at least you have an idea of how much it will be.

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