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glad we broke up, but still feel bitter (need your views)


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hi all, i will try to write this as unbiased as possible so you can judge who is really the immature one.


so to summarize: i've been dating this girl (let's call her A) for 9 months now. she lied to me a a few times, broker up with her, she came crawling back asking for 2nd chance. i took her back (mistake!, something i shall never make again).


we are 24 years old. she thinks i'm controlling, because i suggested to her she shouldn't:

- go clubbing so much

- unnecessary traveling

- wasting time on tv and internet (she spent 10 hours straight watching a show, countless hours on facebook games)

- and etc.


yes, i'm not her father. i did not force upon her my views. i merely suggested them. she goes to Uni. and has a part-time job. her parents are paying her tuition. instead of being responsible with money, ie: paying for school. she spends it on eating out, shopping, & etc. i think that is very irresponsible to both herself and her parents. whatever, her life right?


recently, we had a conversation like this:

her: hey you should get a new tv.

me: yeah i thought about it but i have more important things to do besides watching tv. if i buy it, it will just sit there unused.

her: i can use it for you.

is it just me or does that sound really stupid?


last wednesday, i took her out to a $70 dinner. friday she writes me an email saying stuff like:

- ohhh i don't have time to spend with you because of school. (yes but you have time for clubbing and shopping)

- it's not fair for you. (why not just admit she's selfish?)

- i think you are too controlling (perhaps it's her who is irresponsible?)

- you are too immature. (yes, being rational and realistic is immature)

- and other BS.


so if she thought it wasn't working out, why tell me after i bought her dinner? why not before? i guess i'm mad because she thinks she is perfect. i'm so glad it's over.

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i wouldnt even bother responding to her, as it sounds like she is a bit of a user. Don't call, don't do anything, just date other girls.


yeah but i'm still mad. i'm also mad at myself. had i been stronger and more stoic i would've dumped her months ago.

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she dumped you via email, dude. not even worthy of being mad at her, i would just not bother calling........if she calls you, and im guessing she will.........dont be mad, be cool and nicely blow her off.


oh i have began NC already. i dont want any contact with her.

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