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IBS... the fun never ends

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I don't know if it's IBS or something worse anymore, because my poor tummy just never feels happy. It's very rare that I'm not massively bloated or have either a) the runs or b) constipation. The worst part is, I'm discovering that fresh fruits and veggies are the culprits! I had a handful of broccoli the other night and in the morning, I woke up with bad gas and the urge to go "now!" needless to say, the broccoli didn't digest properly and sorry if this is tmi, but the stool was green. Yesterday, I ate a handful (maybe more) of blueberries and the same thing happened. I went for a nice brisk walk and when I was almost home I got the "omg have to go nowww" issue. So friggin awkward. Anyways, my stool was quite blue.


Bottom line- I'm worried that despite the fact that I eat tons of fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats, my body isn't absorbing any of the good stuff and maybe this is why I am not losing weight. (I have been swimming, running, walking, biking, doing weights, everything).

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Fruit and veggies contain a lot of fiber and usually our diets cannot accommodate this switch quickly. You are bound to have issues initially. Did you add these foods quickly? How long have you been eating fruits and veggies?


Also: some of them contain so much sugar and starch, they are worse than junk food.

Carrots, corn, too much fruit leads to weight gain.


Another thing, is it possible you have food allergies? That would cause massive intestinal discord.

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My whole life, I have had a well-balanced diet. In the past few years, this problem has just gotten worse and worse. Even with salad, it comes out almost whole... like it hardly digests at all.


I have been cutting carbs because they make me the most bloated and uncomfortable of any foods. I'm learning to just have lean meats and veggies instead of always feeling like rice or pasta (or bread) completes a meal. This was what I ate yesterday:


July 17


Breakfast- (9 am)

Fruit salad (kiwi, nectarine, banana, watermelon)


Lunch- (12 pm)

Basa fillet with Cajun seasoning

Mixed vegetables with Italian dressing

Bottle of water (591 ml)


Snack- (4 pm)

100 cal bag of sunchips

1 small nectarine

10 blueberries


Dinner- (7 pm)

Pepper crusted steak (size of my palm)

Green salad with zucchini, tomato, green pepper and pesto parm dressing


Snack-(9 pm)

Bowl of Ice cream AFTER taking at least 4 lactaid caps (wanted a treat)

5 blueberries


This is generally how I eat. Growing up, carbs were a part of every meal, but I am trying to quit that habit. I also generally have a glass or bottle of water with every meal.

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I have... and that was the end of it. Now I am wondering if they can actually do something for me to aid absorption, etc, because if I'm not constipated, I have the runs and I can't see that being good long-term. It's a nuisance now, but I worry that in the future it could contribute to something worse- like cancer of the bowels, etc...

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It would seem a trip to the doctor would be the only way to know. You're right, it can't be good. I know with my PCOS my doctors didn't really tell me much but I found out a great deal on the internet. Maybe there are IBS forums online with people who could relate yo your symptoms?


Hopefully someone here knows more about IBS. Feel well.

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I think my stress level is pretty good. It's certainly lower when I'm not in school. I just know that there is something off here, you know... my body isn't working properly. Despite all the vitamins and nutrients I'm eating, I feel lethargic and foggy minded a lot of the time. I have NO memory. I plan on calling my doc on Monday (weekend here) and hopefully I will hear something other than, there is nothing we can do about it. (last doc told me that).

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Good job for keeping a food journal... that can be a really helpful tool.


I bolded the part above because it makes me think of Celiac Disease.


link removed


check out that link and see if the symptoms sound familiar.


I hope you don't have it, cuz I do and it is a huge drag. But it is better to know obviously.


Hope you feel better.




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High Protein-Low Carb Diet (Day 3)
High Protein-Low Carb Diet (Day 3)


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