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Tired of being tired!!

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So alot of my past posts on my worries and concerns and thought of during periods of sitting around the house, not doing anything, not calling any friends, not having interests. Well these are all issues but i think most of my concerns come from this "state" i am in.

As in my body/mind is not heathly, or struggling to get there.

Basically once i got a job and started to work everyday, ONCE I had to leave the house everyday, I was realizing I had huge fatigue problems. Or just being tired alot.

Most everyday, I am OUT OF IT. I AM CLOUDY IN THE HEAD, CANT FOCUS, CAN BARELY THINK, and through any activity I get totally exhausted and fatigued. MY MIND AND BODY ARE JUST SO OUT OF IT, and tired all the time. I live almost everyday like this.

When I am being lazy or dont have to work, it is kind of masked.....as in i dont feel the tiredness or fatigue, But looking at it, I am usually just sitting on my bed, or laying down, when i have free time

I am not up calling friends, doing things, and living like i am 23.

I can see how much this is taking a toll on me and my life, its very isolating. Even conversation is an effort for me. Its like i have no energy.


I just cant go on living like this. I DONT KNOW WHY I HAVE NO ENERGY.

ANY depression i feeel., i think is a result of this, i mean, I am down because i feel like crap all the time, not because of other things, THIS SUCKS, PEOPLE SHOULDNT FEEL LIKE THIS. THIS ISNT LIVING

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I think your body is manifesting these physical symptoms because you are depressed; not the other way around. Symptoms of clinical depression involve fatigue, mental fogginess, lethargy, etc. I would consult either a therapist or your doctor about possible clinical depression. They can work with you to find something that works for you and help you get back on track.

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Actually, I have problems with fatigue but it's only a self-diagnosis. I noticed through full-time work a couple summers ago that I just don't have the energy I thought I should have. I was working with little kids, and it was just exhausting. I can't imagine having a social life when I start working full time again... and this worries me. I told myself I'd wait it out until I got a full time job to check, once again, if I am having fatigue problems, and if so, to ask a doc about them...


I think you should definitely go to a doc and not assume it's depression, because... it could be a slew of things, couldn't it?

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It can be really frustrating to have physical symptoms that are not diagnosable and unseen to others. Have you thought of maybe getting some counselling?

A lot of what you mentioned is in line with depression...there are many natural ways to try and deal with it...

I wish you healing in your journey whatever that might be.

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Any one have any real experience with fatigue and depression. Any personal stories. I just want to know how to fix this fatigue issue


Hi, definitely sounds like depression, i am currently on medication for depression which i feel was due to the breakdown of my relationship with my boyfriend. I felt exactly the same as you, tired all the time , no motivation for anything, have even excluded friends from my life {although they made me feel like crap}

Can you think of any reason why you are feeling like this, did something trigger it?

I feel that i am on the mend slowly but surely, i have good days and bad.

Visit your doctor again and tell him how you are feeling.

You can personal message me i you want to know anything more.

Take care. x

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Hello there! I have already answered to you in a different thread, but still...

I would think that your condition is psychological and it is amazing how our mind can affect the condition of our bodies.

How long do you feel like this? What did your doctors suggest? Did you have a psychological evaluation?

Is there a pattern to the way you feel? Do you feel better in the morning or in the evening (when it comes to the fatigue)?

Have you been tested for celiac disease? The levels of your B12? Did the doctors run a serological panel, to see if you suffer from a virus (like mono?)

I suffer from Post Viral Fatigue, so I can tell you what has helped me to deal with it better:

-Healthy eating. Cutting back on white, processed foods and sugar. Eliminating sodas from my diet (aspartame is junk). Trying to eat foods without preservatives. Olive oil.

- Drink a lot of water.

- I used to be a heavy coffee drinker. Now I limit myself to one coffee in the morning. The same applies to colas. They can stress your adrenals and this can lead to fatigue.

-Try the supplement co-enzyme 10. You can see a tangible difference in your energy levels. The same applies to Omega 3 - they can work miracles with a tired mind.

-Try to engage in mild physical activities, such as walking, in the daylight, so that you are exposed to the sun. Do not tire yourself. If you need to exercise, try yoga or a gentle form of pilates.

-A small dosage of antidepressants. Doctors prescribe them even if there is no depression, as in small doses, they can help people with fatigue.

-Try not to think about this all the time.

I hope that this helped a little.

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