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Wasn't my fault, it just happened.


I recently moved into a new flat in the city center, and it was coming up to a month of NC.


I felt as if NC and helped me loads and I now know the important of this.


Well, I was coming out of the door to go to work and there she was walking past at the same time.


She saw me stright away and we walked in the same direction for 5 mins while small talk.


Bit strange really after nearly a month of NC just to see her there when I come out of my door.


Handled it well, said goodbye and that was that...


Back to NC for me then.

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in a world of twitter, facebook, myspace, cell phones, email, no contact is harder than it's ever been. let alone, face to face contact. try not to obsess about her too much -- it will be difficult because this encounter will stir up memories, feelings, etc. take care

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