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what does this mean?

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I've discovered just a few minutes ago that i can no longer cry.

Any opinions on what it may mean?

I'm still hurting, the pain was excruciating and left my heart and chest burning, but i could not shed any tears

I'm asking because just the other day i bursted it out crying and couldn't stop

have i run out of tears? is it possible to do so?

I'm puzzled with all the emotions i keep having =S

Was i ever this emotional? i thought i was always calm and collected, guess that's out the window.


And now i'm numb again.

I guess i should try and get some sleep!

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i wish i would reach your point now. i still cry sporadically and it hurts.


It's actually not that enjoyable ha

My heart and chest still hurt but i just don't have tears so it hurts more because i can't let the pain out =/

I hope you get better soon! Crying is part of the process.

I think i would still cry if i had any tears left...or maybe it's just bottling up and i'll burst out eventually.


And i'm not sure i'm healing yet because, as i mentioned in my other thread, i still have a loss of appetite.

But i'm working on it.

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