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Raising male sex drive

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Sexual Health | 10 Foods To Boost Low Sex Drive

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It seems like the past year or so it just hasnt been where it should be. And its makes me feel that life in several aspects would be better if i had more testosterone.


I know a couple of different things about it. Tonight was the first night in about a month i slept over 8 hours, and test levels are highest during the night, they go in cycles, so when i woke up i was feeling decent.


And test needs cholesterol, ive been talking 2000mg of fish oil a day.


Is there anything else i could do to raise my testosterone levels, and sex drive?

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Have you seen your doctor?

The levels are usually highest in the morning from what I have been told. Maybe that explains "morning wood" LOL

Have you taken any steroids? If you didn't cycle off them properly it could have messed up your system.

My levels dropped for a while because of stress and to much work. Once I got my head straight and started working out they came back up and have stayed there and I am 45 years old.

I asked my doctor if there was anything "natural" I could take to help he simply stated that nothing he knew of was proven to increase testosterone. He offered to prescribe testosterone if my levels continued to drop but as it turned out I didn't need it.

Changing my diet and working out and getting rid of some stress worked for me. I hope you find something that works for you also.


best wishes


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Yes i feel the best when i work out eat good and sleep well i agree, and im also in a stressful environment so maybe i can make some adjustments.



I have taken any steroids in 4 years, and what i took was very mild, oral masteron with no test base or pct. And yes it shut me down for a while, but it came back after a few weeks. But i dont feel like i did then, no depression or mood swings, just not like on the top of my game, and like i said my sex drive is rather low compared to years past.

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