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What should her next move be?


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Following this question:


(It's for my friend and it's important you read the beginning to understand how it started)

The conversation kept going and she asked him about his job, he told her what his job is in details, and most of it is him controlling a lot of the employees and making decisions, so she asked him "So you like to be in charge?" He said yes, and said that it has its perks, they talked some more, about how he seemed like a better boss and more respecting of his employees than her boss, who's a B. And told her that his boss is a major B too.

And she told him that she doesn't like when people tell her what to do and that it doesn't help.


He asked her "Oh girl don't you like to be dominated?"


That's where he paused and explained to him that asking him on a date was cute, giving her his digits wasn't too pushy but that this question was too forward.

Why? Because she doesn't wanna open up too soon about sex and keep things "cute" for a while.

He said he was kidding, (which she's pretty sure he wasn't but said that to make it seem like he's backing down and didn't wanna be pushy)


And she asked him "what would you have said and done if i had answered your question?" and he told her what he would have answered: "If u had said "no, I dnt like to be dominated' ida said, " well then dont worry baby, I would never act that way with you, I would be the perfect gentleman and treat you like a queen



Now she's worried about all this. She's wondering if maybe she sounded too prude? Maybe she should've answer the question, and ask herself what his intentions are.

She also know, from his HS years and after, that he can sometimes be awkward with girls. Not in a bad way but, more like, he doesn't have as much experience with girls as someone who dated many girls in his life.

What do you think?

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No one can help with this?



O.K.-- I've been typing out a massive reply (in summary: trying to rephrase your posts, as a means to actually understand them, cos to be honest, they're a bit tricky to read, and it wasn't really clear what it was you were trying to ask).

So, I was confused, BUT, I think I may get it now...


Girl, you're doing fine!

You contacted him, and you both seem to click pretty well.


It sounds like you enjoy talking with each other, and no doubt he thinks you're pretty cute (he's already asked you for a date when he gets back into town at the end of summer. That seems like a pretty good sign, doesn't it?)


Here's the deal: you are over-analysing waaaay too much!

Just trust your gut here, and be your fabulous self.


You have all summer to talk and get to know each other better before you will meet again, so you should just relax and roll with it.


Don't fret too much over what he thinks of you-- just enjoy the conversation.

If things work out, then great, but if they don't-- well then he's not the right guy.


Honestly, take it little by little.

He does sound awfully flirty, and while that could mean he's super sweet on you, only time will tell how serious he is (or even if he's a good match).


As far as innuendo goes, you were totally right to steer the conversation away from things that made you uncomfortable.

Don't worry if he thinks you're a prude or not-- you're totally entitled to your feelings, and being true to YOU is what you gotta do.


Like I say, if he's the right guy, he's going to like you for being you.

And if he doesn't, it probably won't be too long before plenty of other guys notice your hot, braces-free smile.

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I'd give him the benefit of the doubt but put his crude remark in the back of my mind in case he throws out another one. It could have just been one clumsy thing, but she'll know soon enough if it's a habit. IF that's the case, just stop seeing him.

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Think I would also give him the benefit of my doubt and see where it went from here....

If he makes a habit of making sexual inneuendos though and things she isn't comfortable with, I'd steer well clear...

Guys who do that, are doing so because there is only one thing on their mind...and it aint to put a ring on your finger.

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