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Is the new gf/bf a deal breaker?

What If My Ex Wants Me Back - What...
What If My Ex Wants Me Back - What To Do?

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So, if your broken up and want to get back together would you talk to your ex if they were dating someone else?


If you would talk to them while they were talking to someone else, how serious would the new relationship have to get before it became a deal breaker? (serious dating?, Sex?, Living together? Marriage?)


Part of me thinks it's ok for a while, just because you've shown interest they are supposed to drop everything they are doing and run back????


But part of me thinks how are you ever really going to reconnect if there is a third party in the picture.

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Well my situation has fallen off onto pathetic island. But there's been talk of builing a bridge back to the mainland.


But, if you meet a new person and they are randomly dating, it's ok to talk to them until you become exclusive right?


So what is the rule of thumb with the ex? Is it the same as above? What if they are dating a variety of people, none of it serious. Is it ok then?


I totally agree with you on the morally part Blueafterglow. As soon as I found out that the relationship was more than casual dating I bowed out. unfortunately that was about a week before they moved in together. But just because that skeezy girl would step in on my relationship doesn't make me the kind of girl that would actively break up hers. If he wanted me he would dump her. period.

But what about the rest of the world, does it all work that way?

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Good question...If they are seeing someone else then morally I would have to say that unless you truly can be just a friend to them it would be time to bow out.


However, this is only holds ture if they are open with you about seeing someone else. If they don't tell you they are seeing someone esle (and you don't have any reason to believe it's true otherwise) then I wouldn't fault someone for holding out hope.

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