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I need to be strong...help!

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In a couple hours I have to go back to the home that I shared with my SO for 7 years. Well not exactly to the home but to the other house on the property. Its my birthday party tomorrow and my ex-neighbour, who grows the most beautiful flowers, has a couple buckets of flowers for my party. Normally I would ask one of my workmates to help me with this very difficult task but hardly anyone is at work today due to a plane crashing accross the street last night (we're all so very upset). Nearly all of us watched the plane go down, it was horrifying.


So I need to be strong. I WILL NOT go accross the parking lot to look at what was once MY beautiful garden. I WILL NOT go accross the parking lot to talk to him. I am there to pick up flowers and that is that.


Why have I written this....because I am terrified. Its been 2.5 months since I had to move from our home wth mostly NC except for niggling details like post, finances splitting etc. Oh ya...he told me to leave, wasn't my choice and I had to stay at our family home for 6 weeks before I found a place to live. Needless to say I was shattered when he told me it was over and how, after so many years I have to build a completely new identity.


Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.


Thanx so much!

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Be strong - you can do it. You have managed remarkably well so far and this is just another stage on the road to healing albeit a difficult one.


You may find a sense of release after a while.

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Keep your eyes on the prize!

If you go, pretend you are wearing blinders.

Pretend that the other side of the parking lot just doesn't exist.

Go straight to your ex-neighbours, straight for the flowers, and leave again.

Make it quick, and let the ex-neighbour know that you are in a hurry; you can catch up with them properly at the party tomorrow, so no need to linger.


If it's honestly too difficult for you to keep focus like that, then see if anyone else is available to ride with you, OR if your neighbor could possibly meet you elsewhere.

The flowers may be nice, but they're not worth an anxiety attack!


Just use your best judgement, and you will be O.K.

Oh, and-- !!!

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