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Starting Over In a Relationship - Beginners Guide

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So here goes. Ive been dating this girl for around a year.. things werent always the best...but we difinelty had a lot of love between us. We were inseperable for about 5 months. then we had to do a LD relationship over the winter. We both work on Cape hatteras island for a kiteboarding shop and share a lot of interestes. Anywase after the winter things were going so good. we were back on the island and having a great time. Then out of nowhere she dicides to breakup with me. I was destroyed so i did all the wrong things, typical sad boy * * * * . Well that pushed her farther away. I dont know right now if i even want her back, she seems so differnet. My problem is we work together, have the same friends, ride together and all these things. Every day its like ripping open an old wound. I dont want to give up my life here for a girl but im having a hard time dealing with it. She seems fine and over it all and i am a misserable wreck. Ive found a couple of new ladies and they are interested and it helps my confidance, but i still feel hung up on the ex. Some times im fine and i think * * * * her im better than this. then others i cant even see streight or stop crying. I guess im not looking for advise on the situation b/c everyone here has given me a ton...i jsut need some advise on how to move on. I dont feel like until i leave this small small island, which is in november ill ever get over her.


Worst part is when i try to ignore her or cut her out with NC she initates conversations, or tries to talk to me. Sometimes i feel like the things she does are just to make me pissy. I guess i just need to see that life goes on and i will be better off with out her.


i just dont know any more....if anyone wants more details feel free to post and ill fill you all in.




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I'm sorry you're going through this Brandon. and it's a tough one when you date where you work, or your circle of friends....you don't get to have NC, so your reminded everyday of your ex. i dated a man at work who broke my heart...many many years ago. it was tough. i mean really really tough...we were in meeting together etc. you have to suck it up and be friendly, not overly friendly, but cordial..because the folks you work with don't want to be involved...and they will then takes sides. it will get better, i promise....it took me about 6 months to stop cringing....good luck.

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