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Do you think he figured out I'm attracted to him?


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Basically I have a thing for older men (i just fancy them more than guys my age) Me and my friend were at work and had been talking about it just before the guy I like came to the till to be served, My friend said without noticing him properly "Why do you like OLD MEN?!" and the guy i like started laughing for AGES! (he has already been told someone at work likes him).

Anyway later on he came back and said to me "are you still thinking about your men from earliar?"

So I might be paranoid but I think he figured out I fancy him.

Also the other day he said that it was unforunate for me I didnt get to see him in the mornings because of our differances in shifts.

If he has figured it out my question is does it sound like he's responding in a positive or negative way?

thanks a lot guys


p.s reason I do not try and act is because I'm assuming the age gap would bother him. I also don't have self-confidence in general when it comes to noticing if someone likes me or not lol

(I'm 21 he's 37)

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It sounds like he likes you.

This may or may not mean that he's interested in dating, but it's a good start.


Keep in mind that if your suspicions are right-- that the age gap would be an issue for him-- that he may see the flirting as innocent, and not have any intentions beyond being friendly.

He may see your interest as flattering.

It's all speculation, though.

It's just as likely that he's interested, but is hesitant to make a move lest he be accused of cradle-robbing!


Why not just ask him out?

That's probably the only way you'll find out.

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