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How do I branch out?

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Hi guys,


I am going to be a senior in college this year. While I am home I have a bunch of friends which is great to have. There are my two best friends and a bunch of other really good friends who all hang out, plus my sister and her friends who join us. Most of us have worked together at one point and met others and the group grew. After the summer pretty much everyone leaves for school and goes all around the US.


My school is 40min from my house but I dorm there during the year. In the past I have always drove home to hang out with one of my best friends. I have such a good time with him it was never a problem, but now that I realize that it held me back from meeting other people it saddens me.


At school I am friends with everyone in my major. I am the guy everyone likes because I am outgoing and nice. But after class I say goodbye and leave. I just don't understand where people hang out. I mean, I can invite people back to my dorm but unless something is going on I don't see how much fun it would be. With my friends from back home it is different. We can hang out and do nothing but have fun.


When I am at college I have a job where I have really strong group of friends at work. I have hung out with a few people from there but it is still not the same as my friends back home.


I just don't know how to branch out. I can invite people out if there is something going on but rarely there is. I don't know why after class I don't see these people or why I am not asked out. I wasn't close with my last batch of roommates. It is my last year so even though I will have all new roommates, they probably already have their own groups of friends. I would really like to make a new group of friends this semester. Any tips? Work and school is where I will mostly be.

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If you are friendly with your classmates, why not propose a study-group get-together?


If you want to meet different groups of people, why not participate in some of the social clubs/activity groups at your school; there are probably at least one or two of them that are oriented towards one of your interests.


When you meet someone you like, and have good conversation with, try to take a bit of initiative, and invite them out to do something, e.g.--

"Have you heard about the show that's happening Friday? You should come!"

"Has anyone seen that new exhibit? I'd really like to check it out! It'd be great to go together."


If there really is such a dearth or activity on campus, why not generate some?

Especially in summertime when the weather is good, you can invite people to kick it in the park after class, or if you're feeling industrious, you can coordinate your own social activities.


For example:

Suggest a summertime outdoor movie night.


How this could work:

Mention it to your classmates, and try to generate interest.

Ask other classmates if they are interested in helping set something like this up.

If you can make it a collective effort, all the better.

Even if you have to set it up on your own, "If you build it they will come!".


Worst case scenario, you have a movie under the stars to yourself, but I would be very surprised if that happened, and even if it did, passers-by or people from your dorm would probably stop by to see what's going on.

Find an area on campus where you can do this.

While you are scouting/asking around, mention your plans, and extend an invitation to anyone who seems interested in attending.

Try to borrow a projector from either the school, or a friend; ask around for a large white bed sheet;

Make a facebook group for it, and start a list/poll for suggestions on what movies to show.

Then, spread the word; tell your friends to invite their friends; everyone can bring their own snacks/blanket to sit on, and so forth.

Try to make it a regular thing.

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