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meltdowns are no fun/ loss of understanding

All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You

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its 4 months out. i woke up after a very vivid dream where we ran into each other and talked and things were fine. i miss her so much. i feel so lost without her. i love her so much. i still just cant believe this is real. we loved each other so much and were best friends and happy together for so so long, i just dont understand how things are this way. i was so amazing to her. i dont understand how she wants me out of her life and doesnt want to talk to me or be friends or anything at all, she wants me out of her life forever. i just dont get it. how can she not want me in her life. i did nothing but love her. i gave her all the love she could ever want. i was the perfect boyfriend. i love you baby and i miss you and im lost without you. why have you hurt me so much. i know youre a great person and have a huge heart, but why are you gone

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