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What is she playing at?

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Hi all.


Some time ago i broke up with this girl i was seeing. It was amicable and we hadn't been dating long.


We decided to stay friends and we have seen each other quite a bit since. We get on really well. A month ago i told her i had feelings for her and she told me she just viewed me as a friend.


I've been ok with that and she has just started dating this guy (she says its very early days).


When we meet up we are always nice to each other and she always kisses me on the lips goodbye. Would this be a normal way to kiss a friend goodbye...it's just a peck on the lips. Am i reading too much into it.....i'm thinking she's keeping me on the back burner as wee meet up weekly for meals, drinks, go bowling and sometimes go out for the day...what the heck would her new guy think if he knew this?


I'm ok with it all..what do you think?

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Yeah i think she just sees me as a very good friend. I was friendzoned a while ago and we just seem to be seeing more and more of each other. I don't want to get back with her as she was so hot and cold when we were together (not sure of what she wanted i think).


The friendship is good and i'd hate to spoil it by us getting back together.

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