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I had been going crazy for 10 days since she said her head was a mess and needed space and 8 days since she contacted me saying she missed me (she ended that message apologising for contacting me).


Yesterday I was feeling really low and gave in. I texted her saying 'I'm sorry I know you need space but I miss you and hope you are ok'

I don't know what I expected to achieve I think I was expecting a response either I miss you too or leave me alone.

I just feel like I'm in some horrible limbo stage where I don't know what she wants.

Also one of the reason she needs space is because she doesn't trust me, I guess I wanted to re-assure her I was thinking of her.

I felt like I was waiting for her to contact me and like I was about to crack any day and if I was going to do it a day where I had friends around was probably a good time to do it.


Her response 'I hope you are ok' this wound me up as it didn't mean anything. I did respond but all I got back was " xxx"

I did text back saying i didn't know if she was sad because I was or because she was too. I was sorry again for contacting her and would let her move on.


No response!


I guess I shouldn't have expected it, I just felt so lost she's never told me it's over and everything she said in our breaking up / need space discussion left me lost and I have been making my own interpretations of what she means ever since.


I don't actually feel any worse from contacting her I was a lost emotional mess before and still am. If anything it reminded me how useless she is at communicating. It probably wan't a good idea to contact her but I don't regret it.


I know I need to think about me and be strong but I am going crazy, I think of her every second of the day and can't sleep or focus my mind on anything else.


I try to keep convincing myself I've been here before so I will get through it

but my last breakup a few years ago I was so much stronger. The difference was a) I knew deep down how wrong for me she was, and b) she told me 'It's over, I am not in love with you anymore'


I found it extremely hard but I felt alot stronger. I told her she had to move out and I couldn't be friends with her. I never looked back.


My feelings and emotions this time are so different and I don't seem to be coping very well.


Day 1 NC take 2!

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Similar thing happened to me. she wanted space and time to think. i gave her it. she emailed saying she missed me and would be intouch. then she broke up with me. More than likely when someone askes for space the relationship is just about over and it is their way of reassuring themselves that they dont need you. I would prepare for the worst and dont hang around. its upto you if you want to give her an ultimatum and end it if she doesnt come to a decision.

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