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Not sure whats going on! Hints? Friends? This is gonna be long lol


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Okay. If you like love stories (or something that sounds like one lol), read this. I need help with an Ex whom I really like/wanna be with. We're pretty much RIGHT for each other. This is gonna be long, so be prepared.



This AWESOME (my dream girl) chick, broke up with me around this time (Jul) last year, reason being "she wasn't ready for this relationship and still has things about herself she needs to work on, BUT wants to be good friends with me". We dated for just bout 2 months (total of "talking" and dating was 3 months), but BOTH took different approaches than we did with our previous (horrible) relationships. Getting out most of our disagreements early on to avoid major probs in the future...didn't really work lol.


Never cheated. Never argued, DID debate..but always ended in happy understandings, we talked out ALL of out problems. We were good, functioning perfectly. Time passed, I got WAY too comfortable, and didn't want to leave my "bubble". We (she) did everything I like to do, but when it came to me agreeing to do things she liked...I didn't. And I DID, used to get upset (not really MAD) with very petty things. I was pretty critical, I feel as if my attitude was like a "stay on your toes, on your Ps and Qs sweetheart, or I'm gone" type of attitude. More time passes, other people came into play. A dude who was everything I wasn't (AT GLANCE). Everything the she wanted to do (that I didn't) HE DID. So we are still together, they start hanging out more often, as JUST friends. Ultimately she left me for him. Then later down the line she left him, finding out he WAS in fact a scum bag (like I said, but when is a fresh ex's words relevant yannow).


So she dated other people. Understandable of course. And I try, TRY to as well.


We BARELY spoke after wards, like almost NOT AT ALL. Why?? I believe my calling, cause when we broke up, I recall saying "I wouldn't be able to be your friend, that'll be torture for me to sit accross from you and not kiss you or be more than just that". So I stopped contacting her, of course AFTER my brief stint of being a "sniveling worm", with a barrage of texts and calls and messages. Yeah, lame I know. Kept that word (of not speaking to her)for A YEAR. She'll text around holidays, I may or may not have texted back. Our run ins were VERY awkward (which she admits to now btw)


Came into my job once, with her sis and her mom (who doesn't like me by the way, based on my appearance pretty much)..and she NEVER used to come in there, even when we dated. Came in, walked around said a cold sounding "Hey", "whats up" I said. I went to the back, then when I came out. They already had left. Less than 8 minutes of being in there.


ANYWHO...recently. We're cool now. It all started after a flirty comment she made towards me. She starts hitting me up on myspace (which she done hasn't since we were together). Wanting to hangout. So, we start texting each other more often. I showed I cared after something horrible happened to her. I made a gesture of taking her out to get her mind off of things. I came over that night, we did the "catch up questions" thing. I STILL didn't ask the ones that would hurt me (your "ever thought of us getting back together", "do u want to get back together", "how are you feeling about me", "what was the true reason to us breaking up", how did you feel about it all, the relationship AND the breakup" etc..). I did ask why are you single, her reply was "Why not, all these guys are the same", I reply with "maybe you're not making yourself accessible in the RIGHT PLACES and with the RIGHT crowd" , she said "you're probably right". I did tease that I have about 3 or more other questions, but aint gonna ask em. Told her I DO have feelings for her, but aren't gonna act on em, explained how I'm one of those friends who always likes her, the kinds that I used to poke fun at when we were dating. And how I am one of them now. And I hate that. Her responses were "Oh ok, gotcha" and "I wasn't sure of what you were talking about, but I am really glad we're becoming friends again"..yeah, not the best sounding answers i know.


NOW...she REALLY wants those other questions to be asked. But AINT NO WAY I'm gonna hurt myself again by asking em. Next day came, So we went out, kind of reenacted one of our first dates a year ago as a couple (beach).


All through it she kept pressuring me to ask the questions, of course I didn't. We lay on the beach, she's playing in my hair, touching my arm where I got my new tattoos. Asking what I'm thinking about, when I'm staring off. Then she asked what the questions pertained to, "her?..yes. Another person? ..no. Me?..I SAID NO, even though it does). She got quiet, I changed the subject. Then she said a random "yes", I said "what", she said "to answer your question".."you don't even know my question!" I said..lol..we laugh. She keeps saying "now's your chance". I laugh it all off. We play in the water, now I've shaken A LOT of insecurities since we dated, and make it shown. She jumps on my back (which totally caught me off guard to where I almost dropped her lol), playing around, i carry her deeper into the water, she hops down. We smile. As we were just walking around, she's now bringing up memories of when we last went out there. We ate in the same restaurant, she brought up where we sat last time. Now she's dropping the "babes" and "babys" left and right. She texts me about the questions again, while sitting RIGHT NEXT to me. She makes hints to when her fav bands are coming to town. She wants me to watch her fav movie with her later after the beach. And saying that maybe the answers to my "questions" wont be as bad as i think. I keep in mind, she DOES have dude friends. But none seemed to call or text while we were together that day/night, except her bestfriend. Driving her home' we're both singing (something I was scared to death to do around her when we were together) at the top of our lungs to Michael Jackson songs, she's having a blast. She brings up how I used to drive and how i used to get mad, which she always found as super funny..lol..That was ALL on Wed and Thurs.


Now EVERYDAY, she texts me asking if I'm gonna ask the questions, and she's not gonna stop til I ask (her words). ALL THIS knowing I still like her, but I aint been showing it so much..other than when I told her. Early Fri she texted me at 2am asking about the questions again, I didn't reply, so she texted AGAIN after 8 minute. I then replied, DIDN'T ask em.We hung out at her place again on Sat evening, SUPER boring. Very little talking, we both kind of seemed uninterested (even though I really AM). I ended up leaving, and she textes "Sorry I'm so boring", I of course say "No, it's ok. you're not at all. YOU didn't bore me. I'M sorry I'M so boring lol". Later that night I text her "Goodnight", she says "Goodnight to you too". That's the last time we really said anything to one another, it's now Tues.


She also has a rep of NOT EXPRESSING her feelings and sure as hell not talking about em. She was "gaga" (her words to friends) over me when we dated, enough so to actually break down and express her feelings with me. I used to be a "big deal" to her. Am I getting back to that same guy i once was in her eyes?? or is this her just being friends, OR maybe wanting it again..but making sure we start off AS FRIENDS ALL OVER and not rush. I dunno people...what do yall think??? Whats up with the non communication thing now. Did I play TOO hard to get?? She is unlike ANY other woman I EVER had been with, a true enigma. What should I do???

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Well, she was throwing herself at you! I think she had a very good idea about what the questions were about, and probably feels rejected. If you do want her back, chat her up again. Tell her honestly that you miss her and would like to ask her those three questions again, and then just skip 'em and kiss her instead or something. It's scary to take a chance but I'm 100% sure that is what she wanted. She may be a little put off at the moment but it's only been a few days. Do something sweet for her to warm her up again. Good luck!

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Dude...what are you trying to do? Are you trying to get some kick out of playing this game with her? I mean, after all that has been happening with you, how can you not be sure of whether she wants to be with you? You say this is the woman of your dreams. Well, she will remain only in your dreams if you don't get somewhere with this asap. Already her not having spoken to you for 3 days is somewhat of a concern. Don't drag this any more. Speak out your mind and go for it.


In any case, since you have been away from her for over a year, looks like you were pretty much over her during this period. I think you should be looking at this this reunion a kind of a bonus, something grand thats happening to you out of the blue. So even if the worst was to happen, its not like you will be losing something that you were surely going to have. Even if she says no (like a one in million chance), you are not likely to go through any massive heartbreak, IMHO. So then why are you holding back?

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I appreciate yalls inputs btw.

And yes I know, at glance DOES look as if she may have wanted me back THEN (which was a week+ ago), but...lol..THIS one, when I say IS NOT like any other woman, I MEAN IT. Here's a little update.

For one, a few days after, I had decided to take her to a concert (the one she spoke of on the date) that comes here on Jul 22nd, for her b-day (seeing she's gonna be out of town with family during her actual birthday).


But upon me REASKING if she took that day off yet, she dropped this on me. Goes like this..I'm not the type to take out someones gf. So I asked "Are you is talking to anyone like that, cause I don't like to take out someones gf or potential gf" (and a hidden way to find out IF she in fact is or not)..She said "No, I'm not. So why couldn't you ask me that a long time ago? And are you doing all of this so we can get back together?"..yeah, dropped that little bomb on me.


I was like "..didn't want to. And no, of course not, you can't "BUY some one back, and YES that was ONE of them". Her reply was "Exactly. But I think everything would be a lot easier if you would just come out and say or ask what you want to know instead of walking around unsure of whats going on". My reply went like this "what do you mean? I already know...we're just friends. I would never try to "buy you back", i mean for one I'm white-ish and you're black...that aint a good look of me "buying" you lol..but nah, I saw asking "the questions" as irrelevant..already know the answers, just...don't wanna hear them".....sooooooo that's where we're at now. I feel as if I held off too much, played too hard to get. But at the same time, I don't wanna screw anything up BEFORE the concert, just for it to be super awkward.

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