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why does my attitude change so much


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i have a boyfriend who im very serious with and have been for a very long time. he did some ***ed up things to me in the past, but hes changed completely and we are wonderful, its been a year and 6 months and we cant ask for more. I just got "the shot" (birth control) and i donno what it is, but my attitude usto always change, but for some reason its been really crazy lately, ive got really nice than REALLY Mean, i bring up the past when i should be looking to the futur. I think too much and i worry constantly. Is this the shot? ANOTHER THING. its been a week. me and my partner are trustworthy and we are not sleeping with anyone else but eachother. We got checked and we are clear of any disease. I jsut want to know. is it safe to use no condom now. since you can when your on the shot or pill? or wait...and how long?

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Beyond sleeping together, what does your relationship involve? When you say you're serious, soes it mean you plan to get married? Would your boyfriend still like you if reduce the sex or stop it entirely?


WHy don't you try to build a relaionship that is basd on something more? Something much more than sex?


(by the way, all protection techniques involve at least a small element of risk. Its possible for your partner to have HIV; it doesn't show up in tests for 3 months. WHy not spend the time building a REAL relationship? Something built on friendship and unselfish love? Think about it and respond, please)

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