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how can people be so deceitful ? how you can a person suddenly change there feelings so quickly? it astounds me...really it does.


anyway i would like to say to you...i knew i would never fall in love with you and i knew you would never fall in love with me; i hate myself for hanging onto hope. You lied to me...you hurt me...i wish i had followed my heart and i hate myself for not doing so.


One thing i can say i love about you ? Is i know now which woman to avoid...What i need to stay away from. I opened my FORTRESS heart to you...blindly !!!!!! All you have done is upgrade my heart's defense. Here let me explain in simple turns :



-Tent (just started dating)



-Walled town

-Towers (first breakup)


-Portcullis (4 bad breakups)

-Boiling Oil

-Trenches (very very serious breakup)



-Fortress (when i met you)





-Hand of God (my defense now)


So you see, you made me skip a couple of defenses which im happy about. I know i cant go through any worse. My heart is now officially defended.


I wish you would leave my life....i dont want to be your friend, i have enough friends. I wish you would leave me.

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