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Should I tell him I'm leaving the country?


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So, from my past posts you would know:


My boyfriend and I live in two different countries, thousands of miles away from each other.


I came to his country to visit my family and of chourse him, except he has avoided seeing me and talking to me and everytime we talk we fight.


He finally admitted he does not have time for me. He is at a time in his life where he does not have time for a girlfriend, which is understandable, except on top of all the other problems we have been having our relationship has come to a crossroads.


I love him. I am going home early. A month early. He has promised me that he would call when he had time and we would see each other at least twice if not once before I left. Which to me, is beyond ridiculous. I came here for him and now all I get to do is see him twice if not once more?


I leaving in about 2 weeks if not less. I thought about leaving without telling him, I will be back again in the winter and then again for the summer, but I really don't have the strength to tell him good-bye. I love him with all my being. I cannot explain it.


I cannot bear not seeing him again or touching his face again, but I would be only hurting myself more by allowing myself those pleasures when I know we cannot be together.


I thought about it this way:

This is the only way for me to somehow, stop loving him or ease the pain, by not seeing him, not telling him I'm leaving.


On the other hand... I just want to see him again. But I cannot tell him good-bye.


What should I do? Do I tell him? or Do I leave?



Please no rude comments. I know this post is kind of mean...I mean if someone did that to me I would freak out. I just would like to hear your opinions and different views of this horrible, heartbreaking, situation I am in.


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I would tell him you're leaving at the same time as telling him that it's over and you won't be in touch with him again.


There isn't any point in this relationship as he won't see you, but yeah, have the satisfaction of telling him that you're leaving and it's over finally.


Then move on and find someone who will love and appreciate and *SEE* you!

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