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Hi! I have a female friend who is bored, frustrated and done with living where we are. She's going away for a year to France to hang out , do some part time job and 'find herself'. I want to give her something that could help her but I can't think of anything. Not loooking exclusively for a self-help book but something that will mean something to her.


Any suggestions?

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Well, he had sort of a fling that became nothing. We hung out a lot and eventually something happened but I decided to just be friends. She took it well and here we are. So, I'm not interested in her romantically but I care for her a lot.


Her stong interest is trova music. Hmm... have to think about it though, because I really can't remember anything else.

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How about one of those "What to do" or "Where to go", in France? This might motivate her to get out and going, while in France.


If you can find a biography about someone like Pepe Sanchez, the grandfather of Trova and Bolero, that's something she might like unless she's not a biography person.

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Look up the book "Eat, Pray, Love"

See if it suits what you're after.

Its basically about a woman going out and travelling to find herself. But it deals with her divorce, so not sure about that part.


Thats what came to my mind.

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