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Your Partner Needs to Step Up (Don&...
Your Partner Needs to Step Up (Don't Accept His SH*T!)

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I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years. He has A.D.D so sometimes he zones out on me and if I'm trying to talk to him or show him something he is not paying attention. At first i didn't mind, but lately its been making me feel quite sad. Its been going on more and more over the past 6 months.


Sometimes I just want to talk with him about how it makes me feel or even just to talk about whatever and when he finally does listen he will start crying and reacting like I am breaking up with him. Now however it is making me want to. he wont stop apologizing. It feels so manipulative when all I want is for him to try to show me he loves me. Even by just focusing on a conversation. I already feel very lonely. I don't have many friends so he is the only one I have but I am willing to be alone if it means it helps me to be happier.


This problem is causing me to feel unattracted to him. I just don't want this to downward spiral into something worse.

He is also clinically depressed. He tried to commit suicide when he was a teen but has said i'm his reason for living. ugh


Help? Am I being selfish?

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If he is not stable for a relationship, then break up with him. People who are unstable and enter into a relationship create a whole new problem.


People with ADD/ADHD(I would know, I have it) cannot help having a poor attention span, what they can help though, is how to improve it and find ways around the areas they struggle with in terms of the ADD/ADHD. I'd recommend he sees a therapist about it or a psychiatrist, which may also be useful for his depression.


You're not being selfish at all, either.

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