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Hospital visit a year ago + problems ever since. . .

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This whole mess started when I ended up in the ER one night about a year ago. I had a fever, swollen lyphnodes in the groin, itchiness in the vaginal area and discharge. At first I took monistat because I thought it was a yeast infection, but the symptoms continued to get worse. When I first got to the ER they told me I had a green discharge and that it looked like gonorrhea or chlamydia. I was so swollen they had to give me three catheters to get a urine sample! Also, I had a high white cell blood count so there was an obvious infection, but to this day I still don't know what!


But, then my results came back negative. I'd also like to mention that I used green wipes that came with the monistat pack to try to clean myself, and I wonder if this could have caused part of the problem.


From all the antibiotics I ended up with a yeast infection that was very hard to get rid of. I also had sores in my vaginal area that looked like herpes (a doctor at Planned Parenthood diagnosed me with herpes). But I got multiple blood and swab test for herpes (a year ago and recently) and the results came back negative! The sores have never come back though. And I was on Valtrex for awhile which did not help the sores.


My newest doctor seems to think that the sores were from a yeast infection. And I have had chronic yeast infections since my trip to the hospital that have progressively gotten worse. They seem to be almost every month. I can no longer have sex because I end up with a yeast infection. There are so many things that will give them to me now. I have tried using only cotton underwear, stopping BC, using hypoallergenic lube, using non-lubricated condoms, not using a condom at all (while I was on BC). But I still end up always getting one. This is incredibly frustrating, especially since my doctor only gives me medication for the yeast infection and can't seem to suggest anything to prevent them from happening!


Obviously with chronic yeast infections I was concerned about HIV. I've been tested multiple times, my partner has been tested as well (same partner the entire time). I have had every test for STDs that the doctors would give me and they all came back negative. Although, I do have HPV, which I have had for several years now and haven't had any problems from.


To top it all off, my doctor recently diagnosed me with endometriosis after I explained to him I was having pain during sexual intercourse and very painful periods.


Also I had just gone to a specialist to get this whole yeast infection thing figured out. I've been having really crazy white discharge but it really hasn't been all that itchy or painful. But I chalked it up to my usual yeast infection problem. Well the culture came back negative. WHAT? I'm so confused and have no idea what to do now. I can't talk to the doctor until Monday.


I understand there's a lot there and I appreciate anyone who reads it. I just want to know if anyone has ever had similar problems? Also I'm curious about Herpes tests. I've heard mixed things about exactly how accurate they are....

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Yogurt helps in preventing yeast infections (afaik they're caused by an improper the good to bad bacteria ratio, yogurt increases good bacteria).


I realize the above sounds simplistic, but your problem could be in your digestive and urinary tracts, while sex causes the kind of friction that inflames the whole area and transfers the problem to where it's most obvious.


I'd incorporate a lot of yogurt and yogurt drinks with active enzyme cultures and visit an online or local health food store or a nutritionist for good advice on a capsule blend of both 'pre-biotic' and 'pro-biotic' strains of microorganisms.


I'd also research the best fiber intake to help clean out your colon and bowels. There are some heavy 'cleansers' that go over-board on claims to detoxify, and those can be expensive to your wallet and your health with no significant data to prove the claims. Instead, I'd opt for moderate additions of fiber to your diet, tried out on weekends where cases of constipation or gas can be dealt with privately.


My heart goes out to you, and I hope you'll post some updates.


In your corner.

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Get a checkup for hpv and cervical cancer checkup is what comes to my miind...have you done one? If not then go


I've actually known for some time now that I have HPV, but I have never had any complications from it and my pap smears have always come back fine (aside from the initial diagnosis).


Yogurt helps in preventing yeast infections (afaik they're caused by an improper the good to bad bacteria ratio, yogurt increases good bacteria).


I've heard this so I've taken supplements to help. Such as acidophilis.


I feel pretty bad saying this but I'm certain that you already know to wipe front to back only. Sorry, but just in case some female didn't know I had to say it.


Haha yeah, I know that but surprisingly some don't.

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