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dating when successful


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how many of you find it easy to like start dating when you're well known and quite successful. for me its a bit hard because i keep thinking she wants me for what i have lol., kinda difficult to think about how shes genuine and stuff.


whats your take ?

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Back when I was single and still working as a radio DJ, I found it was good for an initial "ooh-ahh" but not much beyond that. While the scope of being "well known" was pretty much limited to the station's signal area, people tended to know who I was when I said my (on air) name and station's name. I was on that station in the same shift for a LONG (we're talking almost 2 decades) time...people from the listening area knew me.


'Course, it's not like being a medium market, non-morning drive DJ was (or is) an incredibly high-paying profession. Like I said, it was good for some "ooh-ahh" factor, and maybe the occaisional freebie (show tickets, meals, etc), but at the end of the day, since there weren't large sums of cash involved, it still came down to the same stuff that everyone deals with -

>Am I attracted to this person

>Do I like this person

>Do we have anything in common


I can see where a man or woman with a greater degree of celebrity AND money might have a different experience, though. The higher the degree of fame & money, the more different the experience.

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Well known as in at least like in your country and everyone kinda knows you e.g. Running a successful business.


@2smart -dj is awesome job.im a fan of armin lol -now tydi too.but i guess yea it boils down different experiences in the situation.it was just a thought like you suddenly got the attention

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