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should I ask Payroll/HR or manager

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I recently had a review with my manager. He stated everything was good and I was doing a good job.


He stated that our company has a cut off for raises. If you make more then a certain amount you do not qualify for a raise. If you make under that amount you do.


I am under that amount. He stated that he was putting me in for an increase since I am under that amount. He said he will call me back when it’s all approved for my to sign off on it.


Its been 4 months now and I have not heard a thing about it. My manager is kind of distant as he usually has his door shut and if its open he is out of the office.


I was wondering how to go about seeing if I was put in for one or if it was denied or something. Should I email Payroll? I guess I should just ask my manager but I don’t want to sound pushy.


Please advice.



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I would NOT follow up on the raise. Some companies are just not doing well. If they know you want more money and lay offs are coming up soon, whos name is first in the hat?


I know it sucks. I was promised a 2500/qtr bonus and thats not happening. However, its important to realize that some ppl dont even have jobs and cant get one. We interviewed a guy last week who was looking for a job for months. College educated, bright guy. Its sad.....if he mentions the raise again thats when I would bring it up.


Did other ppl get salary increases who were under the cut off?

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Im not sure if they did. I really havent talked to anyone about it.. I dont know what other people make.


That is a great point and one that I was thinking. If my manager brings it up to me then great. If not, then ok. I should be very happy that I at least have a job. I know if is very very hard out there and a lot of people are out of work.



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