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she is love (:


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today we talked about our whole future together, with eachother


how one day, we will move in together, and live everything how we've always wanted to. we will make our dreams come true together

we will learn to love our differences, as we love each other


it's real babby

i love you.

i love your smile


i love everything about you.

i loved our talk, i've always imagined us living together, and making a life together, i just never knew you felt the same, although, somewhere, i knew you did& hoped you did


i hope, i want, and i will marry you (:

in our eyes were perfect for eachother,

it doesnt matter what people say, it really doesnt, because they don't know how we are.


what we have is so unrealistic, it's amazing

it's the most beautiful thing, to be in love, and to be loved back

it's the most strongest, most strangest, yet most beautiful thing in this entire world.


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now... that i miss.

enjoy it. and cherish it whilst you have it. as nothing is forever,


Oh come on, plenty of people here are down about love, including me. I miss it too and reading that post makes me incredibly envious. I'm extremely heartbroken right now and it kills. I haven't slept but about 2 hours in the last few days and all I've had to eat is a bowl of cereal. I feel terrible emotionally and physically.


But you can't keep that attitude. I thought my love would be forever, but apparently not. That's just something I'm trying to accept. Most love isn't, but some love is forever. If you stay that cynical you'll never feel better!

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