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I'm tired of chasing...


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I felelike I'm the one doing the chasing. I went out with a guy couple weeks ago. Wasnt sure how was going but we just had drinks and talked , then he asked me back to his place. Went back had another drink, didn't stay long, he actually told me he had to go to bed early. But i figured none the less, it went well and he gave me a quick kiss good night and mentioned he would like to go out again.


I called next day and again we talked about going out the next saturday, even picked the resuarant and movie. Well i got a hold of him ad he had to cancell. Sd he would call the next day and reschedule...no call. I called left a message...still nothing and has been a week.


I hate to keep calling ...i like him so far..but only been one date...not sure if i should try again or not. At what point will i be annoying?

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This sort of situation baffles me.

While I hope for you that they're wrong, the other posters in this thread probably have the best advice.


Still, it just seems so wrong that some people can't just be sincere, and upfront-- and almost go out of their way to make things more complicated for other people.


Good Luck.

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