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I need some help...

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I unfortunetly cannot afford a dermatologist, but I have a question..


I have the dryest nose ever! I can't even wear makeup over it

because it is so obvious lol...


Anybody have any suggestions as to what this can be,

scientific name possibly? i googled it and couldn't find much.


Im wondering because ive had this for years now, im in the early 20s

and its starting to really become an enucence..my skin is pretty normal

other than that...


I have tried diff soaps,exploliants,lotions,creams,neosporns,umm

vaseline and nothing seems to help much,i ever tried over the counter chemical peel and it hurt really bad putting it on, made me itch bad.....Am i doomed or is

there some type of solution?

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Have you got a partner with rough skin?


With one of my exes he had very rough skin and was very stubbly, so when we kissed I would get flaky dry skin just by rubbing against him!


But it did go away by using moisturiser and not wearing make up for a few days. Like EmptySoul said, if you've tried everything else then perhaps go to your doctor?

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Ok, I was jus trying to see if anybody on here might

know anything about this..

My boyfriend actually has perfect skin, so i don't think

its anything to do with him lol...


Im really looking for a solution tho!!

my pores on my nose are big and it itches

when its dry and irritated which is like

85% of the time ....anybody that can help?

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