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The Anticipation


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Anticipation can be linked to many things...drugs,diction, or love. Anticipation is a cry to become apart of these things...or stray away.


My case..i want to be in love with him.


As you may guess, my ex bf and i have reconciled after two months of NC.


We are not officially together, just taking it one day at a time. It has been four days since we officially talked (texted).


Everything is going well. There is little "i love you's" and even one i miss you too.


I have decided that i do want to be back with him and i feel that he may be feeling the same as well. I can tell he is unsure still, because he wants to see that i have really changed.


in fact..i have.

i used all of the NC period to gain myself back and internally i am a better person.


Anyway. Now i feel that he has not brought up anything about moving to the next stage ..of course it has only been three or four days. But i am leaving for school in August (about two hours away) and i really want to at least move from the friendly stage.


I still havent seen him nor called him yet. I been in LC to be safe and although my hopes are high, i still have my guard up. Anything can happen.

Thank God he is not seeing anyone else and he actually does text me first.


We texted everday since four days ago and we have not talked to much about the relationship.


He even said i seem like a new person.




What do you guys think should be my next step..?

should i tell him soon that i really want to spend time with him and tell him how i truly feel or should i give it more time?


Everything in my life has taken a turn for the better and i give it all to God, Enotalone, and NC.


Thank you for reading and the advice in advance.

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