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We met 4 months ago. She was after a 3 years relationship, that ended 2 months prior to our meeting. The other guy cheated on her and she ended it.


All through our relationship he kept on calling her, sending her messages, apologizing and saying sweet things. She kept on telling him to get lost.


Due to this she changed her phone numbers (she had 2) but unfortunately he knew where she lived and he also found out one of the new numbers.


A week ago she told me that he came to her door and she was unable to kick him out. They talked about past and for a moment they kissed. She also told me that she regretted the instant it happened.


Now she told me that she cares for me but also that she still has feelings for the other guy. I am in love with her and I want her no matter that kiss.


But she won't come back to me because she feels pulled in two directions.


I am aware that I was a rebound. However I know she cares for me, maybe more than she intended.


I told her that I need to know if she wants me or him. She told me that she chose to be with neither, that she has to pull herself together.


I wonder, is there any chance we will be back together?

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I'm pretty much in the same boat.

She has some a hole ex who won't leave her alone, stalks her, finds out where she lives and her phone numbers.


She doesn't want him but still has feelings for him which she hates.


This lead to a fallout along with some other outside complications from friends with alterior motives.


After the bombs fell and the dust cloud settled.


There was a moment of silence.


We eventually met again and things started a fresh from there.


But none the less her and I still go out.

Do it & text alot at times.


You just need to give her some space.


If she wants you, she will let you know.


What happens after that is anyones guess.

you never know what the future holds.

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We spoke today.


She told me that she needs to find herself and that everything goes bad lately and that she needs to pull herself together to make things go right.


I told her to pull herself together and if we are to be together we will find each other.

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Thats a good thing you said. You want to be understanding because when all else fails common courtesy and being polite will prevail. Now tell her the best thing for the situation is to give it time and space until a point in the future and say goodbye. If she asks to be friends tell her that after what she did and the emotional investment for you being friends is a no go. Go into NC and move one. This is the best advice I can give pertaining to your situation if you want her back.


While in NC better yourself every day. Exercise, read, pick up a hobby, go out and meet a new girl. If she at any point tries to contact you take your dear sweet time getting back to her. Let her know you have you own life to live but do not ignore her. If she wants to meet up to not tailor your schedule to hers. You don't seem to shaken up over her which is a good thing because a lot of people who come her usually are like I once was. Anytime you need advice just post it.


* The idea of NC is for you yourself to suture up the wounds left from the relationship. Since you are pretty leveled the secondary reason is to instill the "fear of loss" within her. Make her miss you. Now how do think she can do that when your around and paying so much attention to her? Another thing is the push/pull factor. The more you pull her in the more she'll push and vice versa. Get it?

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Good move.


Go NC and give her space.


If she goes back to what was bad. . .then it wasn't ment to be as much as you will hurt to see her do that.


If she doesn't then she will think about you. . .

What you two had was something she won't forget.

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