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Having trouble with a few things following the break up...

What To Do About Break Up Guilt
What To Do About Break Up Guilt

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Hi everyone!

There are a few things that either I'm looking for advice or opinions about or just need to get off my chest, so I figured I'd just write them all here! Please do give me your opinion or advice in regards to these!


- My ex messaged me last night, saying that he realized in the last few days that he took me for granted before, that he was a horrible bf and that he is willing to do anything that he needs to do in order to get back together. Some of the stuff he said he realized, I had been waiting to hear for over a year... Obviously it was hard to read, but it was harder for me to explain to him that I was not willing to get back together until he gets on his feet and that in the mean time I want to spend some time with myself, because I feel I lost myself at some point in our relationship. .... That being said, did I do the right thing or should I be taking him back? If I took him back , would he really become the man I thought I was with, or would he just end up sticking with his old habits?


- Does anyone have good songs to listen to after a break up? Most of the music I like to listen make me cry because it's about happy couples/ being sad after a break up... I need something to make me feel like I'm going to be okay, not like I should just give up!


- My ex was my first..well, everything! ( I had kissed the bf I had before him, but that was it) I can't imagine doing anything sexual with a different guy now!


- I found out my ex is on a dating site ( like Lava life or one of those I guess). Is it normal I feel weird about that? I mean, I'm not angry at him since I understand he needs to meet new people and such, but it did upset me a bit because I guess it made the break up even more real...


...If anyone has advice/opinions in regards to these things, as well as know of music that would be good to listen to, please help!

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