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3 words, I Love You


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Im almost 100% convinced that saying I love you too much

can cause a lot of pressure. For instance, saying I love you

and then expecting that someone to say it back everytime

and then getting mad if they don't say it back can definetly

cause issues, pressure on the relationship and cause the

exact opposite to happen... I noticed in the very

beginning when we said it, it was a butterfly type of feeling..


its different now, like we have to say it back or that someone

will think somethings up. It also seems like its kind of

controlling when you say it too much..


I had a talk with my someone and advised him he doesn't have

to say it back everytime..He said he doesn't mind saying it back,just not while hes busy and just checking in with me whil ehes at work..So i can understand that...


Do you feel like I love you can change things for the worse


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It does come accross as needy.


It's only words as the above post said....you should base everything on actions....words don't mean anything.


Yeah, I know from my marriage that a big turn-off for men is a women that comes accross as needy.

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understandable, I honestly feel like it can be damaging,

a good way to lose the spark...lol,Im the poster by the way, I just changed my avater=) like it?


Does anyone get what im trying to say tho?

Like saying i love you too much within secondes apart

can kill the spark??

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