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How 2 develop the habit of reading books!


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Alright, how can u develop the habit of reading books, i just read my textbooks only and when i get off, i read magz and random junk stuff. I do like to read but i dont read like religiously.


I really like those people who have the habit of reading books and how can i get into that.


I would love ur suggestions on it

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Hmm I have a library card and I love getting a bunch of books at once, because then when I'm in the mood to read and I finish one book, there's another one waiting.


Also, very true...find a series or an author that you like a lot and you won't be able to stop.

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I like Dean Koontz, Harlan Coben and Erica Spinldler. Used to never put a book down. Now I don't have the time... *sigh*


Hey we have the same taste lol! I love Erica Spindler.


Anyway, to the OP. Do you like Non Fictions or Fictions? If you prefer Fictions, what I do suggest is for you to pick a day and visit either your local library or a bookstore and spend some time going through the materials. Try reading a couple of pages beforehand to determine whether you like the author's writing,as you know, different people write differently. And so it's paramount that you find ones that you like because more often than not, that's going to determine whether you stick to it or not.


Like for me, I read this book by Kelley Armstrong. It was called Haunted. Not really my usual cup of tea because well, I'm not a big Thriller/Fantasy person, but dang, can she write. And I ended up reading the novel within 2 or 3 days =)

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Find a genre you like, that helps me. Also make time for it. Go to bed a half hour early and read then.


The Scarpetta series is good - good call Jen


Also Jhumpa Lahiri is a great author. I adore her work. Her book Interpreter of Maladies is a good starter book. It is not long, and has really good, sink your teeth into them, short stories.

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You need to figure out what genres you enjoy. For me it's alot like going to a video store and renting movies. I go the section that I like (i.e. horror), browse around, and pick out a few things. Since we're dealing with books, you could go to the library, or a bookstore, and apply the same formula there.


I don't really read anymore.. but in high school I loved reading Dean Koontz and other various thrillers.

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