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NC has ended on the day 38.

I reached my goal so i decided to text him (the ex).

I will summarize the texting which lasted about 10mins.


I texted him i had a thought about you and do you? He said yea and than i said i miss u too he said dont do this i said do what he said you know and i said OK. Than he said i love you still but what do you want from me and you know it is not going to work. (something like that). i said i dont want anything but you know i do love you as well. He said the reason we are not together now is not because of me leaving..it is because he was unhappy. Just like he said in the beginning.

So than i said well i think if you are willing we should take it slow. He said i will think about it and you should too.

I said i have and regardless whether we ever get back together or not, im changing for me.


Ok so now there it is.

did i make mistakes..idk

and actually i am glad that everything happened like it did.

I know how he feels and if it werent for NC he wouldnt have said that he will think about it.


I lost him. I wont chase him but i will fight. But if he responds with no or if he cant do it...back to NC or LC.


I really do pray we are back together ONE DAY. but if we do not, i feel that i will be just as fine too.

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I agree... not so much relationship talk... it really is perceived

as pressure whether you intend it or not.


No talk in 38 days and its the first thing you talk about... he will feel pressure.


Disappear again and after a bit if he doesn't contact you could try again with a lighter approach.


Good Luck

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