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35 NC meeting ex tommorrow

All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You

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long story short


we were friends for 3 yrs before we dated, typical break up




gave back all our pictures we took together, and i played it cool smiled, and said good bye, didnt beg plead or anything, it really hurt, but i kept my cool and went NC. never treated her bad, gave her the world. told her i would see her on anniversary day, which is tomorrow, need some input on how to act tomorrow.



I was always the slick guy, happy, joyful guy in the relationship and around my friends


im planning to just be myself not going to bring up the relationship or anything, catch up a bit, but not let her know too much about what ive been up to, and end the conversation first and leave, AND MOVE THE PHUK ON!!



im going to give her back the promise ring she gave me tommororw, and smile and say rememeber sweetie... last time ill ever call her sweetie. you let me go. and walk out her life and continue my journey of NC and move on


sounds good?

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i would go with. if you want to move on then why are u meeting her?

i wouldnt be giving the ring back. you can drop that on her doorstep or give it to a friend.


if you really want to move on. i would be just moving on.

if u want to phish for answers like i think you are. then go. still dont mention the ring. it makes it sound like you have thought about it.

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