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Strengths & Weaknesses List

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Here's a great idea. For all of you who are heartbroken over your break up, feeling unattractive and never feeling like your ex will never come back, or even have a new boy/girlfriend in the near future for that matter? Well no fear. I've decided we should all make two separate lists, one for our strengths, and the other our weaknesses.


It is important that we take a good hard look at ourselves and see what we can do to enhance our strengths and fix our weaknesses to become a overall better person. Once we are confident in our own skin, our confidence will then either attract your ex back (if they're even worth it), or a new, way-hotter-than-your-ex-could-ever-friggin-be boy/girlfriend.


I'll start with mines;



  1. Compassionate
  2. Talented in the arts, writting, etc.
  3. Able to emotionally keep it together even in the most stressful times
  4. The ability to see the good (and evil) in people
  5. My instinct on people and how I'm ALWAYS right on them
  6. Hardworking
  7. Creative
  8. Humorous and making people smile and laugh
  9. The ability to feel empathy of other people
  10. People pleaser, but not really a pushover
  11. The ability to be honest yet tactful, unless they really deserve a good punch of brutal honesty.
  12. Very social with people I know.



  1. Depression
  2. Major anxiety issues to be worked on
  3. Can be wishy-washy at times
  4. Go from extremes of confidence and happiness, to permissim and depressed
  5. Not taking care of myself too well, physically and mentally
  6. Forgetful, or always daydreaming and sometimes even lazy
  7. Suicidal at times (Yikes, I know)
  8. Being a bit way too hard on myself sometimes
  9. Can be too sensitive at times
  10. Impulsive at times
  11. Shy at times, especially with strangers/big groups of people
  12. Jealous lover... well, atleast during my last relationship I was like that. Haha!



Your turn!

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I'll give it a go;




1) Kind-hearted but not a pushover

2) Honest

3) Streetwise

4) Calm and collected

5) Natural Leader

6) I am comfortable enough with myself now to accept even when someone doesn't like me.

7) Can find humour in most things

8) Empathetic




1) I see the good in people even when I shouldn't

2) Sometimes I can say the wrong thing

3) Can be hard on myself

4) I have quiet/shy spells where I keep myself to myself

5) Sometimes am not selfish enough

6) I trust too much

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1) Creative and Intuitive

2) Honest and Open

3) Academically Intelligent

4) Easygoing/Calm Temper

5) Strong Morals

6) Very Open-Minded/Not Easily Offended

7) Good Listener

8) Quick Learner

9) Curious and Focused

10) Kind and Friendly




1) Self-Centered and Selfish at times

2) Compulsive--Hard for me to change gears/adapt

3) Very fearful and avoidant in certain situations

4) Have a hard time making "small talk" with people I don't know, which can come off as unfriendly...but I usually just jump into whatever is being talked about

5) Can be too quiet when listening (not responding enough)

6) Naive/Child-like in some ways

7) Cry easily/Upset easily by yelling/loudness

8) Grammar could sure use some improvement...and I'm sometimes too careless with it

9) Easily overstimulated/not very energetic

10) Picky eater--don't like salad or most vegetables

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1.Very kind


3.great listener


5.good shape

6.decent looking

7.very level headed


9.great sense of humour

10.good cook




1.depressed sometimes

2.can be lazy

3.people pleaser


5.over sensitive/easily hurt


7.hard on myself

8.feel lost

9.smoke too much

10.too forgiving

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1) Very good memory

2) Great physical condition

3) Caring

4) Always willing to help

5) Good listener

6) Funny

7) Very open minded




1) I have a brutal temper

2) I can be violent at times

3) Over emotional

4) Way to sensitive mentally

5) I get jealous easily

6) I bottle things up (which leads to my temper tantrums)

7) At times i have little patience

8.) I have like no positive things to say about myself..my strength list was kinda hard to write...

9) And unfortunately...at times, suicidial

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