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The ex haunts my dreams...how do I stop this?

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For the past three days I've been having really strong and vivid dreams about my ex. Last night was the worse I dreamt he got together with my close friend and I was inconsolable but he wouldn't even bother to apologize and my friend told me she didn't care about my feelings while I screamed and cried. The I started to look for my best friend but he'd committed suicide and so I woke up in floods of tears and it made me feel funny all day. I've been sleeping through my alarm clock because of these dreams and it means I'm missing school accidentally! The night before the dream wasn't as bad but it stung, it's like my mind is torturing me. I really hate this, in my waking life i'm taking as many positive steps to get over him as I can but in my sleep I just sink back into despair. It's like all my heartbreak comes out in my dreams and it's getting to me. How can I get rid of this? I want to think about him less but it doesn't help that he's haunting me in my dreams.

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I feel so sorry for you.

I had this happen to me a few days ago.


My ex invited me over to some strange apartment with other people, we were about to make up, then she disappeared.

I met up with one of her friends and she said they saw a text on her pjone from her stalking, abusive and neglecting ex.

She had decided to go live with him again.


I looked for her everywhere but she was nowhere to be found.


So yeah I understand how horrible these dreams are.

I can only hope those dreams stop.


I don't knwo if this will work for you, but if you wake up from a bad dream, sleep in another position.

Works for me.

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I dont know of any way to get rid of the ex from dreams.


I've gone through a phase of no dreams recently until the last 2 days where I've had two. One where I found out via her myspace she was seeing someone else (weird thing is I havent checked her myspace in months, I think this was my subconscious reminding me that bad things will happen if I do) and then last night where we got back together.


Neither have massively upset me, but kind of resolved me to realising its over and that I dont want to know about her with anyone else.

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I'm sorry to hear that keeps happening! God, I would think of sleep as a good temporary escape from the pain!


I will say that it might be helpful to look up symbols (things and people you saw in the dream) in an online dream dictionary. You would be so surprised about the meanings behind some things.


After my ex and I split I had vivid dreams about him for three days. He told me that he never wanted to marry me, so of course one of my dreams was about me running around trying to find my groom (and yes, it was my ex). He was no where to be found and I spent the whole dream searching. Boy, that sure made things better. I realized though that at the time I was clearly not over him, and my dream was very indicative of that.


I might also suggest taking some melatonin to help calm your sleep at night. Its natural and an over the counter supplement.


Hope that helped!

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Sadly, it continues on. Even as I've been making a point to move on and find other things to occupy my time, he still sneaks up in my dreams most nights, including last night...and it's been over 5 months since the break-up.


Almost every night I dream about him cheating on me with his co-worker. The weird thing is that my family has a pattern of "prophetic" dreams...my aunt has dreampt several things that came to be true. In fact, a few years ago, my aunt dreamed that her healthy mother-in-law died. The next morning, she woke up to a phone call that her mother-in-law had indeed died! She wasn't even sick! My aunt got very freaked out.


I had several dreams that my ex broke up with me before he did. We weren't even having any problems then. Closer to the end, I had a lot of break-up dreams...then it happened. I don't think the dreams were prophecies, but they were a strange coincidence.


I would feel very upset if I knew my ex was seeing his co-worker! He always told me that she repulsed him and that I was so much better than she was. He had to go on business trips with her and said he couldn't stand to hear her whining and annoying stories. He said I had NOTHING to worry about when it came to this girl, and even though I did trust him, I often felt uneasy when they went on business trips...one time they shared a hotel room together (he told me), another time he told her that if he was single, he'd have sex with her (he also told me that). He said he found her hot in some way (even though she is unattractive and overweight in general) but that he wouldn't seriously want a relationship with her just because she's an irritating person. But I wonder...I wonder if he's saying the same things about me to HER. Dreams are weird.

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