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Do I have to tell him I like him?

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A little backstory:


I met this guy on a community personals/networking site about a month and a half ago. We started talking a LOT right away maybe average 10 hours a day in constant IM. Unfortunately less than a week after meeting him he suffered a pretty serious injury. We continued to talk, play video games together, cam, etc. He said a couple of times he had a crush on me, and that he told his friend he did and showed her my profile, and we talked about meeting. Eventually I brought up the topic of meeting on a specific date and offered to go to see him (we live about 3 hours apart) he seemed surprised I would come all that way and suggested we should go camping, but that we would have to wait to set a date for it until after he had some testing done.


Fast forward a bit and the week before the test he started becoming quiet. He apologized and said he was being antisocial because of the test. I told him I had liked him quite a bit already, and it would be unpleasant if he just disappeared after the test (if bad result) and asked him straight up if I should just stop talking to him. He said no and that he liked having me around sometimes, he also said something about "seeing where it goes, ya know?" so I distanced myself until the test was over.


With the test is done I kind of expected him to message me and plan a time to meet with me, or at least clarify where this is going - it's been over a month, I'm tired of wasting my time if we're just going to be friends. He did message me right away and tell me the results, mentioned he promised not to be boring after the test and we spoke for a couple of hours. It doesn't really feel the same now though. He talked to me about his sexual appetite a bit, skirting the topic of his FWB situation, then sort of went quiet. I gave him about an hour then asked if he was still there, he said yes but he was going to eat...then he never came back.


Should I take the last week or so of behaviour as him being no longer interested in me? Am I being a spaz and should I give him a few more days? A mutual friend said I needed to tell him straight up that I liked him more than friends but that seems obvious to me - how could he not realize that at this point? ](*,)

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If it were me, I'd just ask him point blank if things have changed for him as far as you and him are concerned. If they have, let him be. If he says they haven't, come out and tell him that you like him.


I think that's what I'm gonna do. I feel I should give him a couple days since the test was only yesterday - but I don't really feel like waiting around anymore!

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