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What should I do with my life? - 21

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12 Reasons You Can Find Love

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Hey guys I need to vent, and I would really appreciate it if you took the time to read this and help me with my problem(s).


I am a college graduate, commercial pilot, out of job, living at my parents house, almost 22 years old. Back in college, I had a nice dorm room, and I had a decent social life, yet no girlfriends (all guy school) and I didnt get along with my roomate.


Now I am living with my parents, I really hate my lifestyle, not life lol. I have no friends up here, I have no commonalities with people here (maybe I should join an interest group), and I am currently trying to battle self-esteem and ego issues while figuring out my ultimate goal in life and what I actually enjoy doing without outside influence.


I currently have an amazing resume built, and I do have a minor in business from college. So far its been about 4 weeks now since I moved here and I still do not have a job. I have looked everywhere in the city and I cannot get hired anywhere. And my Mom, drama-queen, constantly puts me down and tells me that I am wasting my life with the latest jobs I have been applying for, restaraunt positions. I have big bills to start paying in a few months from my loans, and I think I am going to take some community college classes to defer my loans.


Living at home is extremely depressing in my opinion. When I lived in college my life was very adventurous and spontaneous. Now I live a life of being talked down to, and a daily routines as I try to get out of my house and go to local coffee shops, gym, bookstores, and I even walk dogs at a local humane society. Yet when I go home, all I have is a guest bedroom that I didn't bother decorating because I am not comfortable here. My eating habits are VERY POOR now that I am here home, and I am struggling with money on a daily basis. Its almost like my parents WANT me to stay home and be their little kid, and when I look for jobs outside of their home all I get is severe negativity towards that. I feel like I am a toy to them, and I hate this feeling.


I am very confused right now emotionally and logically, sorry if this is disorganized.


Here are my options:


I got accepted into a Masters Degree from the same school I graduated from. If I go back there I can continue flying for my ultimate career and get a degree. (Also work part time/full time anywhere)


I can get a local job here and work my way up for a few years, living with my dreadful parents.


I can get a distant job and find my own place to live.





I am not sure. I have spoken to many close friends and they all have mixed opinions. My gut feeling is to get my Masters Degree in something useful like management, but I do not want to make a mistake that I will live out for many years. All of this confusion I have emotionally and logically is severely affecting my social life and I can't take it anymore.


What should I do? I think its obvious to go back to college but help me!!

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I think getting a Masters is a great idea. Even if you weren't going to use it, it'll look great on your resume. And as you've already experienced, it's a tough market to compete for jobs out there with just a bachelor's degree.


And you'll have a brighter life.... away from your parents.


I actually did what you did after I graduated college. I went straight down to where my parents were living and tried to figure out what to do with my life for 3 years!!! Now when I look back, I feel like those 3 years were so precious and yet wasted living with MY PARENTS! I had no social life, and was confused as heck on what to do. Couldn't even get a job with my bachelor's degree.


In any case, when I think back, there were choices for me too... right after college. I had a job offer, I had a place to live, I just needed a little back up support in case I couldn't make it... and my parents were soooooo NOT SUPPORTIVE. Almost threatening me that if I didn't make it on my own, that I should not look to them for any financial support.


Anyway, after 3 years of living with them, I moved out and moved in with my best friend and my life was fun again. I met people more my age and I loved it. I started school again and have so far gotten myself in a good position.


Go for the Masters. It'll do you good. Even if you don't go into the field you studied, some people get double, triple degrees.... and that's ok.

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A main problem I constantly have is that my Mom has this cycle, she encourages me to do something, and when I do it and I get to a make-it-or-break-it point, she becomes very evil, and tells me I'm not good enough, and then for the rest of the night she says to my dad, He needs to go back to his school, he is stupid, he will never make it. I have so much anger towards her sometimes I just feel like when I become independent I just want to leave that * * * * * and never talk to her again. I have called her out numerous times about being stingy and a horrible influence to me, but she ignores it and keeps bringing me down to her level of a miserable life.

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