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A few years ago i had a passionate fling with this woman who had just come out of a relationship......it was a rebound and FWB thing for her...it was love for me.


Needless to say i got my heart broken.


I have remained friends with her and we meet occasionally for drinks and a meal.


So what happens over time?


I can tell you time is a wonderful healer. I no longer find her attractive! I no longer care what she is doing or who she is with. I no longer feel resentment and bitterness towards her!


In fact i now totally understand what was going on at the time and feel i had built up a mental image of her that in reality just wasn't true.


I just want to say folks that time really is the great healer. In time you will all get over your present heartache.


I can safely say without a shadow of a doubt that i would never ever get involved with her if it was put on a plate....i see her now for what she is and i am no longer clouded by my own stupid thoughts.....it's a wonderful feeling it really is (and best of all she knows i no longer care).

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