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Last days of living with housemate boyfriend!

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So, me and my boyfriend met as housemates last year, at the start of uni. We've been together for over four months, and involved for about eight months, and it's been going really well. Next week we're moving out of here, to spend the summer 300 miles away from each other. Then in September, we'll be moving back but to different flats (this was decided before we got together). Our flats will be next door to one another, same block, same floor... but I dunno if things will be much different.


We both like our own space, so this might be a good thing, though we work really well as housemates. Plus we'll still be living really near to each other. But of course, I dunno how accustomed we are to the lack of effort it takes to just pop up to each other's rooms. Also, he'll be living with one of our flatmates from this year, whom I really didn't like, and I don't know whether she'll be a deterrent from me visiting!


Pretty trivial, and I know no-one here has a crystal ball... but hey. Opinions, ideas?

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All my housemates from this year have split into these two separate flats, we couldn't find one with enough spaces for all six of us (which I'm kinda glad of).


This was all decided last year, when me and him had only just sparked off, and no-one else knew about us. The girl's got a serious boyfriend anyway, so I'm not that worried about her. His other flatmates are guys.

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