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Event/moment that you'll always have in mind

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For all those that are in a relationship (whether it be in the same place, LD's, swinger lifestyle, however you choose it) or those that broke up but still have feelings.....name one single event out of everything that took place that you won't forget, something that changed something in you whether that be something negative, positive or both.


Lastly what you learn from that one single event? If you're one of those that been in many relationship, you can feel free to talk about each one of them.


Mine it's an easy one, Jan. 4 2007 off course, one thing led to another LOL. Since then off course I wasn't exactly quite the same.

Positive: I would know how a long term relationship is like and what to expect, thus it would be much more easier. Be more quick and direct, kinda like Jennifer Aniston's sytle from the movie ''Along Came Polly''.

Negative: it would be the hardest break up of all and the ''you wanting to explore elsewhere'' imagination that may come from time to time plus he had to take his time with me at the time, it wasn't easy.

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I was dating a fine lady for nearly a year... We were in England together, studying, and I had plans to move east, into the Continent, for work and adventure. This would have been a trial. My mother was to visit me not long before. It was discovered that she had cancer on the very day of her departure. All of my plans were thrown into the shredder.


So, my relationship was smothered by the sudden necessity of my returning to the States. She is French and will have to stay in the EU, probably for several more years. We broke up on the day of my departure.


Postive I have, in the past, learnt that a lessening of expectations is sometimes the best way to open minds and ease hearts. I think that if we are both to remain friends, then we are best served by being free. I have a lot of light in my heart because of this choice. Speaking with her, since we went our separate ways, has always been a joy. We talk several times a week.


Negative The sadness in her eyes and the hurt in taking my hand from hers as I disengaged from her presence for what could be the last time of true intimacy. I feel that this is the best way to maintain our emotional bond, but the break-up necessarily adds an element of doubt - who will we meet? will she find someone? will I? These things run through my mind every day...

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LAST NIGHT: my boyfriend and I are staying at his parents house while they are away, it's a beautiful house. It was so nice to have our own space. We had a BBQ out in the garden until late, then a shower together, then we made love, watched some TV and then fell asleep together, it was a really nice moment just after we had made love, we just laid there and stared at each other whilst we were in that beautiful house. A lovely evening I wont forget x

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