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Confused younger guy

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Hi all


My first post.


I'm a 29 year old guy and a couple of weeks ago I met a 41 year old beautiful woman. It was through my neighbor and all of us had consumed too much alcohol. Within 20 minutes, we were kissing and carrying on.


I dismissed the evening based on alcohol.


Over the following days, my neighbor informed me that she couldn't exactly remember what had happened. I've never dated anyone older and thought, thats ok, I'll move on.


A week later, we met (sober this time) and she told me that 'We are friends'.


I received a couple of text messages from her after that and then one last week asking me to go to her house on Saturday night to 'spend some time in a different environment'.


I went and we drank wine, talked about life and really connected. After a few glasses of wine, we were really into each other. We kissed all night and I left at 2:30am after several bottles of wine.


After the 'friends' comment from the week before, I thought it best to leave things as is. I then get a text message asking how I am.


I'm not after a short-term fling. I have told her that. But I also can't waste time chasing after a relationship that is only attractive to her when she has been drinking.


With the conversations we have had, I know she is looking for long term and I am willing to provide that, as long as there is investment on her behalf.


Please, any comments would be welcome.

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