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The Call Back

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Perhaps you went on a date with a great person. Perhaps several dates with this person. Maybe this person though has not returned a call back to you when you missed them.

Suppose you get voicemail or an answer machine message and miss them entirely.


Any good ideas on what you possibly could say to increase your chances of this person calling you back?


For Example: Briefly mentioning that you saw something that reminded you of them. That works their curiosity


Any slick, sly, good, or nice ideas on this?

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Ask for an opinion. Hey it's me, I could use an opinion. I'll be running around all day but catch me if you can.



That say's a few things to her. One by saying Me she assumes you know who it is and by saying you will be running around all day it lets her her know you're a busy guy. It's much better than calling and saying..


hey, it's Knight, just wanted to say hello.. Call me back..



That will normally get you a call back if that's what you so desire. If they ask what you wanted just say chocolate or vanilla.

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