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Positive Update!

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I don't want the only times I write on here to be me b*tching and complaining so I just want to give an update on me and my boyfriend of almost a year.


We definitely went through some tough times where we were not communicating well which lead to some big shouting matches. We also were having problems because I felt like he was being too critical and he thought I was being too sensitive. However, things are ALOT better now because we have both been compromising and talking things through. We still have little spats on occasion but they don't amount to anything. It does not turn dramatic like before and we are able to squash it before it goes there. I just feel like we both have a greater understanding of where the other is coming from now.


So I am feeling great and so is he and we are very much in love and at peace. Just remember that small adjustments in communication styles can make all the difference

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