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Just sent fathers day package to ex...


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Long Distance Ex has been distant with me since about May 1st, due to too much drama from my ex (my ex wants me back and called him and told him to back off) Although I dont want my ex back. He Went completely no contact on me about 3 weeks ago. He is my first love and I was his, (20 years ago) and although I am sorry our reconnection didnt work out on his part, I really would like to at least keep in touch.


If he wanted to pursue a relationship/dating, Id also consider moving to his area as I can do my job from anywhere, I have a good paying job I can do from home.


Anyway, his kids are the most important thing to him in his life. His ex is putting him through the ringer now in the divorce settlement, lost his business, etc... So I sent him a care package with a bunch of beach toys, for the kids (since he had mentioned in our last conversation going to the beach in about a month) I also sent some color wonder supplies, since his kids make a mess with paints etc, and he had never heard of such a thing.

I also sent a fathers day card, just saying I hope he has a great day etc.


Did I royally screw up here? He never told me he didnt want to talk to me, just that he doesnt have anything happy going on and doesnt feel like talking to anyone right now to bring them down with him. But I have tried to give him his space....This will be my last attempt at contacting him I probably should not have sent it, since he has ignored my one text I sent in the three weeks of him going nc.

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