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Trying to find a job that "fits"

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So, right now I'm working at Tim Hortons. Pretty standard for a high school student, I know, and really, I have nothing to complain about. But here's my goal, the obtaining of which I have no ideas for. I want to find a job that not only recognizes, but makes use of, my skills in writing and/or graphic design. Tim Hortons is a fine place to work, but I am a strong believer in the idea that if you love your job, you will perform infinitely better at it. Right now, every time I find out when my next shift is, I think to myself, "I really just don't want to do this, I hate this job..." I would think that they would be few and far between, but does anyone know of a job that a teen who (not to toot my own horn, of course) is fairly skilled at graphic design and really quite good at writing could apply for with a chance of success that isn't mathematically insignificant?


Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like communications is the right field for you -- look into it!


Since you're in high school, you obviously won't have the kinds of entry-level jobs available to you as a university grad or post-uni grad will have... and you may have to actually start with volunteering.


The only OTHER option, and one that I actually find works well... is to look at places like Craigslist that post more casual jobs, and sell your graphic design and writing skills. This actually works, but you need to be enterprising.


The likelihood of you obtaining an actual job in these fields is unlikely -- not because of your current skill, but mostly due to age... in a market that is currently laying off people with lots of experience.


Hope this helps, and best of luck!


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In consideration of retired's post -- very few internships are given to high school students, but it's definitely worth a look.


Given? nope.


But there's something to be said for being a (nice) pest.


If you have a general idea of the type of job you're interested in, start "courting" someone who's already doing that job.


From the age of 15, I knew I wanted to be a radio DJ. I called and bugged most of the DJs at the radio stations I listened to and a couple of them were nice enough to tolerate my questions and "fanboy"-ness.


Eventually (like when I was in college and looking for a paying gig) this translated into opportunities (jobs) because they already sorta/kinda knew me. They knew I'd been chomping at the bit to be in the business for a couple years by that point.


Most people like to talk about themselves. You can use this to your advantage. Find someone who's got a job you'd be interested in and ask them to tell you how they got there and what advice they'd give you to land a similar position.


Networking (and building a network) is a powerful thing....you may as well start learning how to do it now.

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