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Regret things

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Not neccesarily. There is also pride. There is inertia, There is the excitement of the freedom...and there is also the reasons for the breakup.

I think with every major decision there are some regrets. but you live with it.


And also, sometimes you just know that contacting the other person to tell them the things you regret wouldn't change anything. I have regrets, my exes have regrets, my friends have regrets about their exes. On occasion we have talked about this, but more often than not we all keep it to ourselves.


Tonight, for example, I have been thinking a bit about a few things that I wished I had done differently in my previous relationship, and I feel kinda down about it. But I am not gonna pick up the phone. It's weird to put it like this, but sometimes apologising can be a very selfish thing to do.

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30 Regret Quotes
30 Regret Quotes


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