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Should I contact her? Or not? Please advise....

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Hi All


I have posted here before and needed some advice. If you want more of a back story, I have posted it before.


My ex and I broke up in April due to her not being able to stop drinking, she was in a rehab 3 times since Christmas. Also, she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in April.


It has been about a month since NC, she contacted me the last time as I believe she was drunk. Called me honey and baby and all that stuff.


The thing is, now that school is out this week, (she is a teacher), I believe she is either going to a 30 day detox or a 30 day spiritual retreat starting on Sat. I believe it is the detox, she told me it was a retreat she was going on, but considering when she contacted me, she was drunk.


I do love her with all my heart and want nothing more than for her to be ok. I have been trying to just respect that she doesn't want to talk to me or see me now.


At the same time, i don't' want her to think that I don't care.


Question i was just going to call her or text her and tell her that she has been in my thoughts and prayers, that I hope her retreat gives her what she needs, and that if I can do anything for her to just let me know.


Should I? or just keep to no contact?

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if she broke up with you then dont contact her. try to move on and if she sorts herself out and wants to get back she will get intouch. if she rings you drunk then i would just hang up on her or keep it brief.

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